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Help Evangeline to provide your customs excellent service and amaze them by exotic food!

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The Great Chocolate Chase
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The Great Chocolate Chase

The Great Chocolate Chase: A Chocolatier Twist is one of the installments in the Chocolatier series! The main heroine of the series Evangeline Baumeister returned and decided to expand her chocolate business by opening her shops in different locations and making and selling their own chocolates based on her world famous recipes. She visits different locations in search of the new ingredients and receipts! The chocolate creation process is made possible through a serious of ingenious steam-powered machines built by Evangeline’s business partner Klaus – a man who seems to have an unhealthy interest in her recipes. In order to test out the machines’ durability, Evangeline sets up shops in six different locations: Iquitos, Peru; the sea-salted air of the Grytviken Whaling Settlement in the Atlantic Ocean’s South Georgia Island, and even in Russia. There are ten levels in each location for a total of 60. As in similar time management games in The Great Chocolate Chase you will help Evangeline to provide your customs excellent service and amaze them by exotic food! Earn the cash and upgrade your shops buying new equipments, that will help you to improve your service! Download free new cooking game The Great Chocolate Chase and enjoy beautiful graphics and addictive gameplay!

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