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If you are fan of the game Cake Mania or Stand O'Food, be sure, you will have one more favorite game!

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Stand O’ Food 2
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download free cooking games

Stand O’ Food 2

Stand O’Food 2 is the new cooking games in time management genre, the sequel of the Stand O’Food, where you will play as a chef trying to serve an endless stream of hungry customers, putting the tastiest sandwiches! Help him to make this job in time and fulfill all the interesting tasks! Plan your time and choose an item simply tap it, and you are able to queue actions letting your little avatar run along as you plan the next sandwich. You have to plan ahead to see what sandwich the next customer wants. If you pick the wrong item you can either place it on a tray on the counter or press the put it back arrow. This steals precious time, and if you really mess up customers will stomp out of your restaurant in anger. After each round of customers have been served you can upgrade your restaurant. You get your standard upgrades that keep the customers happy while waiting such as a jukebox and a coffee machine. More ingredients, more receipts, locations and customers in the new cooking game Stand O’Food 2! If you are fan of the game Cake Mania or Stand O’Food, be sure, you will have one more favorite game!

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To get the key to the game Stand O’ Food 2, you have to download and install the game on your computer.
Start the game, choose the most appropriate way to get the game key and follow the instructions.
The game key Stand O’ Food 2 will arrive immediately.

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