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Miriel the Magical Merchant
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Miriel the Magical Merchant

Enjoy new time management game from Myth People – Miriel the Magical Merchant. The heroine of the game Muriel tries to manage the family business after disappearing of her father. Help her to earn the money to pay off her debt by selling food to customers as quickly and efficiently as possible. You will prepare fresh breads, cakes, jams, and more for her customers in more than 60 levels of fast-paced fun. Use the magical skills of Miriel and try to provide the excellent service for your customers and create a number of food items from scratch. Hurry up, try to serve a customer before the golden wing disappears and you’ll charge the haste pot. After four charges you’ll get a temporary speed boost that increases Miriel’s speed and makes food creation happen almost instantly. Between levels you will upgrade your equipment in a different way than most resource management sims. Instead of spending money and choosing what to buy, every few levels you’ll be able to choose a single item to upgrade. Take a chance to download free new exciting cooking game in time management genre Miriel the Magical Merchant right now! Enjoy interactive storyline, fun characters and gorgeous graphics!

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