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Cake Mania 3
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Cake Mania 3

The Cake Mania series is one of the most famous names in casual gaming. Now after traveling through time to bake cakes for dinosaurs, ancient Egyptians, and Merlin, the main heroine of the game Cake Mania 3 Jill decided to return in Bakersfield.  Now she has new task – to save the new mega mall by baking cakes. And of course, she needs in your help! You will manage four shops, collecting profits to help buy improvements and attractions for Bakersfield’s Main Street. Jill’s pals are along for the ride, including her husband Jack who runs the Burger Barn, Risha who manages a flower boutique, and Tiny in charge of Sumo Sushi. Starting with Jill’s bakery, you will do the same activities previous Cake Mania games dealt with. Customers come in, order a cake shape with colored icing and maybe a few extras, then you get to work, building their order as quickly as you can. Earn the money and try to upgrade your equipments, which will help you to make your work faster and make more money. You may download free new exciting cooking game in time management style Cake Mania 3 and play right now! Don’t miss new cooking adventures!

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