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Would you like to try cooking burgers as your walk of life? If so, the fast-paced time management

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Burger Shop 2
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Burger Shop 2

Would you like to try cooking burgers as your walk of life? If so, the fast-paced time management game Burger Shop 2 is at your service. As you have already understood it is the second cooking game installment with additional levels and fun new twists like extra dishes, characters and trophies.
This cooking game is highly competitive with its predecessor but looks even more attractive and amiable. It is flavored with good portion of smart humor and clever dialogue that doesn’t bother you at all. On the contrary, it really makes you want to keep playing just to see what happens next.
Burger Shop 2 has the same idea as the first installment in this cooking series: you are to carry out customer’s order by clicking on the correct ingredients as they are spewed onto a conveyor belt by the Burger Tron 2000, and then deliver this or that sandwich right away. You’d better server your visitors as quickly as you can and they will be more generous and leave you great tips. Be quick and then you will be able to complete every stage with Expert store. It is one of the long cooking game including eight restaurants and 15 levels per restaurant for a total of 120 levels.
Rather than simply serving sandwiches there are some twists that will delight every fanatical cooking game purist. There you can upgrade your restaurants and there are more than hundred various recipes, which you can make in this cooking game. Most of the visitors you have already met but there are some new fun faces as well. Do not forget that some visitors are friendly but some of them are too choosy. So you should be very attentive to each customer to make him happy.
Mind that the pace in this cooking game is inexorable but the control is almost exquisite and you will never have problem with your mouse. Pay attention to the tutorial part to get some useful tricks which help to make the controls much smoother. As for the artwork and music background they are really well-done.
This cooking game has really plenty to do and quite challenging. Thanks to Story Mode you are able to go back and try to complete this or that level with better scores. Also you might chill out in Relax Mode where your visitors will never get upset. In the Hall of Fame in this cooking game you can easy enjoy your trophies which your have earned along the way. Surely, Burger Shop 2 is a solid addition to any cooking game fan’s collection.

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